Terms of Service/Use

  • The reselling or Redistributing of any vehicle provided or made by Forge is forbidden for any vehicle. if this rule is violated, you will be blacklisted from Forge Development.

  • If you wish to have perms to resell on any locked files you must contact Forge Development, ripping or unlocking any models that are bought is forbidden.

  • If you are caught you will be blacklisted from Forge and any other services affiliated with Forge and you will not be able to buy vehicles in the future.

  • I have full permission to resell any and all custom orders to anyone else. If you would like a custom order to be private, you must ask during the order process and more than likely I will agree to it. I do, however, hold the right to change that at any time, although I am likely not to.

  • All sales are final! I understand issues/errors occur, and of course I will be happy to take care of it. However, "I have changed my mind", "I don't like it anymore" or any other excuse is no reason for a refund. If you have an issue, contact a support member.

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